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Born in mid December of 1986, Mark "Fame" Gillette Jr. hails as a true Sagittarius. Bright, optimistic, full of energy and eagerness, Fame has nothing but potential when it comes to his passion! Going by the moniker "Fame Gillette", Fame produces both song and video, writes music, composes video treatments, and certainly has a keen eye and ear for capturing his overall vision. Fame created his own multimedia brand "WinnasOnly" which he is able to curate concerts and events such as The WinnasOnly Concert Series, ComeMeetTheDJs. He is also the co-host of The Guy vs. Girl with KC & Fame show on New Jersey's #1 Internet Radio Station NonFiction Radio.

In the unpredictable world of music, Fame has conjured the ability to produce various genres such as Hip-Hop, Electric/House Music, and Reggae too. His vocal tone is both unique and refreshing to the listener.

Fame has recently released his solo project entitled, "As You Should". With high expectations Fame does not plan to let himself down.

“All in all, I just want to make my mother happy.”, says Fame.

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