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Sosh B. (“SOSH”) was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, home of Hip-Hop legends such as Run-DMC, LL-Cool J and Nas. SOSH discovered a love for Hip-Hop at an early age; there was something in the music that spoke to him. It all started in Baisley Park when he heard Dewitt on the 1's and 2's cutting up the South Side Anthem (“Rising to the Top”). That was the day he fell in love with Hip-Hop. SOSH is the product of the 80’s drug-infested ghetto, however he focused on his craft and learned how to vividly express his life experiences as well as his feelings through rap music. Influenced by Ghostface Killah, Big Daddy Kane, Jay Z, Lord Finesse, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls and Nas, SOSH studied his craft, steadily developing his confidence and swagger as an MC. With 20 solid years behind him, SOSH has paid dues in this game. As a youngster he performed at the Apollo Theater with his partner "Duke Adonis" and won the competition by winning over this notoriously hard to please crowd. His first major collaboration entitled “Look Out the Window” in 2004 was with Busta Rhymes at the Mixtape Power Summit in Puerto Rico. DJ Enuff of HOT 97 FM played the song during his radio show Rush Hour, which was a major highlight in SOSH’s career, making him want to continue to take his career to new heights.

Some of his accomplishments include Miss Jones “Night of the Stars”; mixtape exposure from DJ Envy, Absolute, Superstar Jay, and K -Slay; a live HOT 97 freestyle with Cassidy, Shellz, Grafh and Ali Vegas. Additionally, his song was also placed on "The Stick-up Kids" soundtrack, produced by The System. SOSH (a nickname that describes his 151 proof flows) is a slick talking wordsmith with a hustler’s swagger influenced by the streets and classic Hip-Hop. He’s a seasoned artist with a music catalog of over 300 songs. SOSH is a force to be reckoned with so sit back and mentally sip this 151 proof flow with no chaser!

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